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Back pain in women – Causes and Remedies
May 22, 2024 / 11:43 am
Back pain in women – Causes and Remedies

Back pain is a global health issue affecting millions. However, for women, specific factors can contribute to more intense and persistent pain. Let us now see the gender-based challenges women face with back pain and offers remedies for effective management.

Common Causes of Back Pain in Women

  • Muscle Strain and Sprains: Improper lifting techniques, sudden movements, or poor posture can all lead to muscle strain and sprains in the back.
  • Spinal Osteoarthritis: Women are more prone to spinal osteoarthritis, a wear-and-tear condition causing back pain and stiffness. This happens as spinal cushions and joints break down over time.
  Tips for Managing Back Pain Effectively
  • Practice good Posture: Throughout the day, remain mindful of your posture while sitting, standing, or walking. Exercises that strengthen your core muscles are beneficial as they support proper spinal alignment.
  • Strengthen Your Back Muscles: Incorporate exercises targeting your back muscles into your regular workout routine. Yoga and Pilates are excellent options for building strength and flexibility, both of which are crucial for back health.
  • Safe Lifting Techniques: When lifting objects, keep your back straight, bend at the knees, and use your leg muscles for lifting. Avoid twisting your spine while carrying weight.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight: Putting on excess weight will lead to adding stress to your back. Losing weight can significantly help reduce back pain.
  • Explore Pain Management Options: If the pain interferes with your daily activities, it's advisable to opt for over-the-counter pain solution such as Zandu Ultra Power Balm. Its Ayurvedic formulation provides a warming sensation that helps decrease the intensity of pain and inflammation, resulting in soothing relief in the affected area. Being ayurvedic it’s safe and has no side effects.
In case the back pain persists, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional, which is vital for proper diagnosis and treatment. They can help identify the underlying cause of your back pain and create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. In conclusion, don't wait until the pain becomes overwhelming. Consider using Zandu Ultra Power Balm for pain relief instead of relying solely on painkillers.