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History of the Legendary Zandu Balm
April 19, 2022 / 8:21 am
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Zandu Balm, Zandu Balm, Peedahaari Balm…“; this legendary jingle of a legendary product calls to be sung aloud every time it is mentioned. It took the air waves by storm in the 80s and 90s, became a household melody and made Zandu Balm a household name. Today, be it the medicine shelf or the bedside, Zandu Balm is the one Ayurvedic go-to product for relief – from a headache, fatigue, body ache and for cold relief.

But how did this illustrious balm get its identity?

The origin of Zandu Balm

Zandu Balm got its name from the Ayurvedic practitioner, physician and philanthropist Vaidya Zandu Bhatt who was said to be the royal family doctor of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jamnagar. Impressed with Vaidya Bhatt’s skill and exhaustive understanding of Ayurveda, the Maharaja handed over the task of relieving the kingdom’s subjects from their ailments to him. This is where the legacy of Zandu Balm began.

In 1864, the Maharaja was said to have given Vaidya Bhatt a generous financial endowment to start the first, one-of-its-kind Rasa Shala in Jamnagar. This Rasa Shala, a factory where Ayurvedic medicines were prepared, is now seen as India’s oldest such medicine manufacturing factory.

Zandu Balm and Ayurveda-based pain relief

Vaidya Zandu Bhatt’s expertise and skills set the path for Ayurvedic pain relief and formulating Ayurveda-based products. Zandu’s Ayurveda-based products became a popular solution because it had no side effects. One product that stood out during this process of providing the common man with an easy solution for pain was Zandu Balm. It was formulated with traditional ingredients of menthasatva, eucalyptus oil, gaultheria oil and other traditional Ayurvedic herbs. This legacy of traditional Ayurveda-based pain relief was also extended to other products within the Zandu portfolio.

Legacy of the Ayurvedic Zandu Balm

Today, Zandu Balm is renowned for its safe formulation and has gained the trust of over 40 million users over 5 generations.This ‘peedahari’ balm is now the market leader in pain relief andhas grown to become the World’s No.1 Balm*.Be it using it as a rub for headache relief, easing a backache or mixing it in water for steam inhalation for cold relief, India’s largest pain relief expert, the Ayurvedic Zandu Balm trusted and recommended by dadis and nanis, is now a go-to for millennials and the Gen-Z too!

Adapting to different pain relief needs

Today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle has people suffering from ailments like stres, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, joint pain and body pain. Therefore,over the decades Zandu expanded its product line to cater to people with different needs. Today, apart from Zandu Balm, Zandu Pain Relief’s repertoire consists of Zandu Ultra Power – a balm with a stronger Ayurvedic formulation to beat strong pain; Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil – a mix of 5 traditional painrelief oils and over a 100 Ayurvedic ingredients to provide relief from joint pain and over 20 types of musculoskeletal disorders and Zandu Roll On – an on-the-go, non-greasy, quick and pocket-friendly solution for headaches.

Zandu is now a part of the esteemed Emami Group and Vaidya Zandu Bhatt’s vision and legacy of Ayurvedic pain relief management now have made its place across the world.