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Joint Pain Causes & Remedies
March 19, 2024 / 8:01 am
Joint Pain Causes & Remedies

It is the joints in our body that help us move smoothly. Some joints, like the knee and elbow, have an open-and-close mechanism, while others, like the shoulder and hip, allow for a wider range of motion. Sometimes when there is wear and tear in these joints, individuals may start experiencing joint pains. It is a common concern for elderly people. It becomes difficult for them to move joints and to do even the simplest tasks.

There are many reasons why joints might hurt. The common reasons other than injuries include arthritis, bursitis, or muscle pain. Irrespective of reason, joint pain in elderly people hampers their quality of life.

Let us understand the common causes of Joint Pain in detail: 


It occurs when the cartilage, which is the cushion between the bones, begins to deteriorate gradually. This condition is called osteoarthritis and leads to stiffening and pain in the joints. People over 45 are prone to this condition. 

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is when your body's immune system attacks your joints, making them swollen, painful, and stiff. In case it's not properly treated, it may lead to long-term joint pain issues. 


Tendinitis is when your tendons, which connect your muscles to your bones, get swollen and painful.

It often happens in your elbow, heel, or shoulder from doing the same movements too much. 

Joint pain can cast a shadow over daily life, but amidst the discomfort lies a range of remedies waiting to provide comfort and relief. 

Let us explore some of the effective measures to help ease pain. 

Massage with ayurvedic pain relief oil

Oil massage is the oldest and still-in-practice method to provide relief from joint and muscle pain. Instead of using any random oil, switch to an Ayurvedic oil like Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil, which contains over 20+ Ayurvedic ingredients that offer effective relief from Osteoarthritis & 20+ types of pain 


Doing exercises regularly can help with joint pain and make the muscles stronger. When it comes to elderly people, even simple activities like walking or gentle stretching can make a big difference. When you strengthen your muscles, it takes pressure off your joints and makes them feel better. 

Apply Cold compress

A cold compress can help prevent inflammation and damage to the muscles and ligaments. It soothes the joint from inflammation, aiding movement and limiting further injury. 

In conclusion, identifying the underlying triggers of joint pain and trying solutions such as using Zandu Ortho Vedic oil for massages has been considered an effective approach to alleviate discomfort in both joints and muscles, providing relief.