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Summertime headaches: causes and remedies
April 16, 2024 / 11:26 am
Summertime headaches: causes and remedies | Zandu Pain relief

As kids, we enjoyed summers because it was all about chilling and having ice cream, but as we grew older, we neither enjoyed the scorching heat nor the health concerns that came along with it. During the summer, one of the most common problems people faces is Summertime headaches. Let us now see how summer gives you throbbing Summertime headache. Dehydration: Dehydration is a condition where your body loses water and salt because of excessive sweating and frequent restroom visits. Our blood vessels get contracted due to a lack of fluids, which is then manifested in severe headaches.

  • Fatigue: It is very common to get lethargic during summers since the temperature outside conflicts with our internal temperature, so we need to put in extra effort to balance it out. This process leaves us tired. With the loss of appetite during this time, this condition worsens.
  • Sunstroke: Prolonged sun exposure results in high body temperature, dizziness, and a sharp headache.
  • Migraine: Due to humidity and increased body temperature, one might get a migraine or worsen the already existing migraine.
  • Rise in Allergies: Due to dust or pollen, people often get itchy eyes, a running nose, or a sinus headache.
Now that we know the reasons why we experience summertime headaches, let us now talk about the ways in which you can tackle them.  
  • Keep your body hydrated by taking lots of liquids. Make sure you drink water at regular intervals so as to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid going out in the sun. Step out only in unavoidable circumstances.
Sometimes you might have to take medicines to treat headaches. So here is a list of things that you must keep handy.   In conclusion, headaches are a part and parcel of our lives, especially during the summer. There are many alternatives available on the market that will help you treat it effectively. Choose a way that will not create problems with your health or have side effects.