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Joint Pain has many causes and it varies depending on the age. The reasons for joint pain in children are different than adult’s. While some causes are obvious like a sports injury or trauma from an accident, others are due to everyday habits. Activities such as heavy lifting with injured joint, improper sitting or standing positions, etc. Zandu’s unique ayurvedic formulation helps relieve the symptomatic discomfort, so you can face everyday challenges without the pain getting in your way!


There are many factors that lead to joint pain. With different causes comes different symptoms, treatment and prevention. Following are some of the basic yet most observed causes of joint pain.

  • Injury – Overuse of an injured joint of the body can cause joint pains that otherwise respond well to self-care measures.
  • Medical conditions – Arthritis related medical conditions like osteoarthritis and gout and rheumatoid arthritis are causes of severe joint pain. An infection of the bone or joint too can cause pain and immobility.
  • Non Arthritis related medical conditions like Fibromyalgia, hyperthyroidism and depression.
  • Vitamin deficiency – Any bone pain is the major symptom of lack of vitamin D in your body.
  • Inflammation – Inflammation around the joint causes swelling, pain and sometimes a sharp, burning sensation


Joint pain is always accompanied by other signs that depends on the underlying cause of pain. For instance, swelling and redness of the affected area are common signs that come along with joint pain whereas you feel a warmer sensation when it is due to a fever.

  • Reduced mobility – You may experience trouble functioning the affected joint without pain or a mild poking sensation.
  • Stiffness – Stiffness in the joint causes loss of range of motion of the joint.
  • Clicking or locking of joint – A clicking or locking sensation in the joint experienced during walking or resting.
  • Tenderness – The affected joint may also feel numb, tender or weak during activities that involve movement of the joint or the adjoining muscles.


Avoid strain on joint –Driving or long walks, avoid sports, but don’t stop moving completely, it is necessary to stay active so the muscles around the joint don’t get weak.

  • Maintain body weight – If you are overweight, maintain an ideal body weight to avoid stressing the muscles and joints.
  • Control blood sugar levels – Diabetes influences joint pain a lot, which is you must get your sugar levels checked regularly if you suffer from
  • Be active – Exercising regularly is a good way to prevent stiffness of joints and maintains flexibility.
  • Ice Pack – Applying an ice pack for 15 minutes, every hours can help the existing pain from persisting.


Balanced nutrition can develop the collagen formation in the joints thus reducing the bone erosion.

  • Light exercise – Movement is necessary so the muscles are flexible, only rest can make your persist your joint pain. (Not recommended until pain persist. Also depends upon the types of joint pain. Excersice is not recommended if the patient is suffering from OA.

For symptoms related to joint pains Zandu offers a wide range of products that offer symptomatic relief. Choose among the range based on the symptoms you experience or the causes identified.

Please note: If the aches and pains are too much to manage or handle and continue over a long period of time, it is time to take the advice of a medical professional.