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A muscle pain or a sprain can occur due to many reasons. Viral infections or exerting the body amongst other factors, can trigger muscle pain. A sprain is a tear or pull caused when a muscle is overstretched or torn. Though not all parts of the body are easily sprained, knees, ankles and wrists are most likely to be twisted. For muscle aches and sprains that are mild to moderate, Zandu products can offer temporary relief.


While overuse of a particular muscle, or an injury, are common reasons that cause muscular discomfort, there are other factors too, such as:

  • Nutritional deficit – A diet lacking proper nutrition can cause muscular aches and pain. Vitamin D, in particular, ensures smooth functioning of the muscles, and also helps absorb calcium.
  • Body trauma – An injury can cause discomfort and pain to the muscles, depending on the severity of the trauma.
  • Medical conditions – Hypocalcemia is one such condition where the blood calcium level reduces – which in turn affects the bones and muscles, causing pain.


  • Inability to move without pain – Pain while moving or using the affected part of the body is a sure sign of muscle pain or a sprain.
  • Tenderness, swelling – Visible redness or a tingling sensation when the muscle is touched, along with swelling are symptomatic of muscular discomfort.
  • Weakness in the muscle – Operating the muscle feels difficult, and that part of the body cannot function without immense pain.
  • Instability – Mild pain in the ankles or the knees while standing or moving.


  • Exercises to strengthen muscles without straining them – in consultation with a professional.
  • Warm up exercises before a strenuous workout regime can also help avoid sprains.
  • Practice balance – improving your balance can reduce chances of ankle twists

For most localized, mild to moderate pains, Zandu offers a wide range of products. Choose from the recommended range alongside based on the symptoms you experience or the identified causes.