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Unlocking the Power of Mahanarayana Oil: A Natural Remedy for Osteoarthritis
November 20, 2023 / 1:31 pm


Osteoarthritis is a common problem where the cushioning between our joints wears down over time. This happens because the protective covering on the ends of our bones gets thinner. It often leads to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility, impacting the quality of life for millions of individuals worldwide. Recognizing the symptoms of osteoarthritis early can help in managing the condition effectively. Some of the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis are the following.

  • Joint Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced Range of Motion
  • Swelling and Tenderness
  • Cracking or Grating Sensation
  • Weakness in the Affected Joint
  • Bone Spurs
Ayurveda has many herbs and ingredients that are effective remedies to alleviate these symptoms. One such potent solution is Mahanarayana oil, an ancient Ayurvedic formulation with a remarkable blend of ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It helps soothe and rejuvenate muscles and joints.

Mahanarayana oil
It is believed that Mahanarayana oil is classical product mentioned in Ayurvedic text. Mahanarayan Oil is an ayurvedic blend of 58 botanical herbs and oils that work together to ease inflammation and increase circulation, key of which include ingredients like Rasana, Turmeric, and Ashwagandha. It is commonly used in massages and is believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help alleviate pain and stiffness associated with conditions like osteoarthritis.


Turmeric is a golden-hued spice that has gained recognition for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is known to target multiple inflammatory pathways, making it an asset in managing osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that curcumin can help alleviate pain and improve joint function in individuals with arthritis. Its inclusion in Mahanarayana oil amplifies its overall effectiveness in combating osteoarthritis symptoms.


Tribulus, also known as Gokshura in Ayurveda, is a herb with a long history of use in traditional medicine. It is known for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Tribulus helps in reducing inflammation in the joints and may aid in alleviating pain associated with osteoarthritis. Its inclusion in Mahanarayana oil contributes to the overall anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of the formulation.

You can also indulge Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil with its 7 Ayurvedic oils and enriched with time-tested herbs, offers a unique formula with over 20+ Ayurvedic ingredients. Regular use of Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil has shown noticeable pain improvement in just 7 days. It not only targets knee and joint pain but also enhances joint and muscle mobility. This safe and effective formulation is a trusted option for those seeking relief from joint and muscle pain, particularly in cases of osteoarthritis.

Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil

An Oil especially formulated for joint and knee pain relief  Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil is made out 7 key Oils each proven to have benefits in treating joint and muscle pain, one of which is Mahanarayana Oil. A result of extensive research and knowledge borrowed from ancient Ayurveda, this oil is a tried and tested formulation for effective relief from Osteoarthritis and shows visible results in 7 days of massage.