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Why are topical products better than painkiller medications?
July 28, 2022 / 7:09 am
Why are topical products better than painkiller medications?

The world has begun gaining its speed again since the Covid-19 virus has slowly begun to decrease. Humans are working like machines and in this system, pain has become an inevitable part of our life. Long working hours in front of the computer and lack of physical exercise has affected our body adversely. Due to this, joint pain, neck pain, back pain etc., have become a part of our daily life. Research has shown that the prevalence of chronic pain in India is found to be 19.3%. Among them, women have the higher prevalence of experiencing chronic pain on daily basis.

Pain can strike anywhere. Whether you have had a long day working in the office or you sprained your ankle while working in the kitchen – you want a quick relief solution to end it. In doing so, chances are that you probably go to the nearest pharmacy and get yourself over-the-counter medications that are available to deal with this type of pain. Though over-the-counter medicines are easily accessible, but a normal pain relief drug when taken frequently, can cause severe damage to the body. It is always recommended to take these medicines with a consultation of a medical expert who can guide you regarding the dosage of it.

That’s why topical pain relief products like Zandu Balm and Zandu Ultra Power Balm which are applied on the affected area of your body are a much safe and effective option for pain relief. A large number of studies has shown topical pain relief products to be more useful and acting instantly when it came to painful conditions.

Benefits of Topical Pain Relief Products:
Precision Targeting: Topical painkillers can target particular body areas, in contrast to oral painkillers, which must pass via the digestive and circulatory systems and may have harmful effect on the entire body. On the other hand, you only need to apply the topical pain relief product to the affected area and wait to feel localized pain relief.

Quick Reaction Time: Since topical pain relief products are directly absorbed in the skin, they act quickly as compared to painkiller medications. For instance, joint like the knee can absorb topical pain relief products rather quickly and experience the benefits more immediately than most oral painkillers do. Also, the effect of these pain relievers remains for a longer duration of time.

Safe for internal organs: Topical pain relievers are applied on the skin as compared to other pain killer medications. Thus, they do not cause any harm to internal organs like kidney, liver, heart or stomach. Neither do they create any gastric upset or other medical risks caused by oral medications. Also, they do not interact with other over-the-counter medicines when administered simultaneously.
Pain relief against numerous types of pain: Topical pain relief products can treat several types of pain. They tend to reduce inflammation around the affected part and alleviate the pain.

Reduced risk of drug tolerance: People who use oral pain killer medications soon develop a tolerance to the drugs. When you become used to a medicine, it takes more of it to have the same results you did when you initially took it. Your body may develop a dependance on them as your tolerance increases. Gradually, it can turn to an addiction. But when it comes to topical pain relief products, there is a low risk of any addiction.

Topical pain relief products like Zandu Balm and Zandu Ultra Balm etc., which are made with the ayurvedic ingredients, provide instant relief without any side effects. They are normally used to treat pain concerning back pain, body ache, muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain and sprains.

Although topical pain relief products are considered to be much harmless as compared to oral pain- relieving drugs, if the pain doesn’t stop or reduces even after applying the product, you should immediately consult a doctor.